nina van Schaick

Born in Cornwall, Nina has lived in landlocked Oxford for nearly ten years. She has been a midwife since 2012 and has birthed and fed two entire human beings. She firmly believes that whilst breastfeeding is a super power, it is one that is sometimes hard-earned. Her feeding journeys were not simple but endlessly rewarding. She is passionate about helping families on their journey to fulfilling feeding and nurturing relationships. As a midwife she has brought her passion for optimal birth and breastfeeding to her work in the hospital setting and as a community midwife. Her approach combines thorough knowledge, respect for evidence and an intuitive nurturing heart.


rachel yuen

Rachel is a trained scientist, an evidence warrior and a mother. Since qualifying as a midwife in 2012 Rachel has caught babies in remote bathrooms as a community midwife, trained her peers as a practice development midwife and lectured student midwives at Oxford Brookes. She has an MSc in Midwifery and birthed and fed an entire human being.  Her scientific background has given her a particular interest in the mammalian side of birth and optimising the physiology of birth and breastfeeding . She also has an interest in working with women who have had difficult birth experiences in the past and enabling them to make the choices right for them.