After experiencing a difficult birth and a painful and traumatic breastfeeding journey with my first child, I was very keen to seek help during my second pregnancy ahead of a planned section. 

Knowing how critical those first few hours and days would be I was lucky enough to have Nina there to guide and support me. Nina's help in the lead up to the birth helped me to prepare physically and mentally for what was to come. 

Nina's experienced, calm, focussed energy was just what I needed.  I had complete confidence that  do what was needed to get us off to the strongest start possible. She was on hand to provide physical and emotional support during the rocky post birth period (unfortunately it took a while to recover from various complications). It was a testing time and I have no doubt that without Nina's help I might never have experienced the joy of peacefully breast feeding my own baby. 



Rachel was my midwife for my first pregnancy. She sees pregnancy, birth and post-birth holistically - in that she values building relationships and sees these events as connected and the importance of continuity of care. She is extremely professional while also being friendly and confident - the perfect mix to put you at your ease. I felt able to ask questions, air concerns and discuss options with her, knowing that I'd get very considered and thoughtful responses back. I also knew that she would be my advocate if needed, while respecting the importance of me feeling empowered through the process of pregnancy, birth and post-birth.  

Rachel is a scientist by training, before becoming a midwife, and I could tell that she keeps up to date with and competently handles (in terms of understanding, comparing and evaluating) the ever-evolving research around midwifery and pregnancy medicine. 


Nina was a wonderful and much-needed support when I was struggling to breastfeed my first baby. I was in a lot of pain with cracked and bleeding nipples, and was very close to stopping. Nina quickly helped me find the right feeding positions for us, and I was very soon back on track. Extremely grateful


 I was lucky enough to have Rachel as my midwife for my first child. It was easy to build up a good rapport with Rachel, and I felt totally supported in my choices. She enabled me to determine the birth I wanted and to achieve this in the face of adversity. Rachel  was armed with the latest scientific research, she put my mind at ease.