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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as you agree to be bound by it when using our website and our services.

The information we gather at any contact with you and how it is used is detailed here.

We may modify this privacy policy from time to time as regulations change, it is therefore important that you regularly review the privacy policy to update yourself of any changes.


This document explains how we keep your data safe and how we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. We also adhere to the record keeping and data handling regulations set out by the Midwives Rules and Standards and The Code which are published by our governing body The Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Website Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy, and any documents in reference, informs you of how we collect and use the information (this is your personal data) you provide when using this website. We care about the way your personal data is used and as a result, we are committed to protecting the integrity and confidentiality of your information, acting in a careful and sensible manner in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the European Data Protection Regulation 2018.


How and why do we collect Personal Data on our website?

When you visit our website we use Cookies to collect website usage information (see below for more information on what Cookies are). This helps us to know the demographics of the people looking at the site, the type and version of the website browser to generally help us improve the website.

What are Cookies?

A Cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer via your web browser when you visit a website. Cookies are used to save certain information and are only used to store data. They are not used to do anything harmful, like start a process or effect your computer.

What Cookies do we use?

There are a number of Cookies that are stored when you visit our website. These are used by us to monitor the performance of the website.

Third-Party Cookies

We use Squarespace analytics, which are embedded in our squarespace-hosted website to analyse how users use the site. It counts numbers of visitors and tells us things about their behaviour overall, such as typical length of stay on the site or average number of pages a user views. We do not directly control these cookies. You can check Squarespace privacy policy here for more information:

Removing cookies

Cookies don’t stay around forever and your web browser will eventually delete them.

When a website stores a cookie, it states how long the cookie should stay on the computer for – this can be for the current visit only or for a period of time, for example one week.

You can choose to delete our, or any websites’ cookies from your web browser at any time (for help on how to do this, go to You can also set your web browser to not accept any cookies if you wish.

What data we gather

If you contact us via the website, We may collect the following information to enable us to contact you and learn a little about your needs.

A full copy of these questionnaires can be found here:

How we use this data

Collecting this data helps us:

- To determine if our service is appropriate for you.

- Devise and implement an effective plan of care.

- Invoice for the services rendered.

- Communicate (when necessary and agreed with you) with relevant third parties to support your treatment and manage risks.

What happens to your data:

When you contact us with an enquiry

In providing the facility to enquire about our products via this website, Your Midwives collects information about you. In doing so, we take your privacy and our obligations under the data protection legislation very seriously.

In order to comply with GDPR, Your Midwives must obtain your consent to the use of your personal information. Enquiries about our products through the Your Midwives website or email will be taken as consent to certain uses of your information including your contact details for the duration of our client-midwife relationship.

We do not recommend that you share health information on our contact form. The best place for this information is one of our client questionnaires or via email.

These are the ways we will use data you provide us with on enquiry:

  • To guide your care

  • To understand who and why people are contacting us

Ways we will not use your data:

  • We will never sell your data

  • We will only share your data without your consent under the exemptions listed below.

Why do we need your information and what do we do with it?

In order to proceed with assessment and care for yourself and your family we will need to take both basic details (name, address, contact number and email address) and some more sensitive information such as medical history and birth details.

The source of any data held about you will be easily identifiable.

How do we store it and for how long

Information from enquiries from our website is processed on a password protected laptop. We use this information to contact you and commence our client relationship. We delete any data from enquiries that do not lead to bookings on a weekly basis.

 When We Care For You

How We Process Your Health Data

All our client questionnaires and documentation relating to care is stored securely and  electronically.

Your data is electronically entered by yourself or one of the midwives on a tablet device, or your own device via an encrypted form on an application called Jotform. No one from this partner website will be able to access your information. This is then downloaded from the Jotform servers onto a password protected device and uploaded to a password protected Your Midwives account on a secure server. This information is then deleted from the laptop and is only accessible to password holders on the secure server.  The only holders of this password are the 2 midwifery partners.

How we store it and for how long

All email accounts and hardware used for work purposes is password protected.  All health information will be transferred from email and hardware devices on a weekly basis onto a secure server.

If you access our care we have an obligation to hold data including personal data and clinical data for a minimum of 25 years. This applies to free care offered at our drop in breastfeeding service and any paid-for care, including phone and internet conversations.

All maternity records of antenatal or postnatal care are stored securely for 25 years. After this time it will be assessed whether there is any reason to retain them, and destroyed unless a valid reason is found. For the purposes of record keeping these records are to be considered as much a record of the child as that of the mother.This is in line with NHS practice recommendations as set out by NHS digital (2016).

 Who can access your data

The holders of the password, namely the partners of Your Midwives, Nina van Schaick and Rachel Yuen. The password will be kept secure and changed regularly in line with best internet security practice.

In the event of a failure of IT systems

In the event that the device/internet connection/power is suddenly unavailable we would create a record on paper. This would then be transferred to a word document and then to the secure server account within 48 hours. The paper copy would then be destroyed.

 In the Case of a Security Breach

In the case of a breach, all clients known or suspected to have had information shared unlawfully will be informed as soon as possible. As well as informing them of the potential or known breach we will also make them aware of any and all actions taken to rectify the problem

Exemptions to Privacy Policy:

There are 2 circumstances where we may have to share some your information without your consent:

These are: safeguarding concerns (please see our safeguarding policy) and healthcare emergencies

Legal Framework 

The data we store following enquiry is stored under the legal basis of consent of GDPR legislation. All the healthcare related data we store is stored under the legal basis of legitimate interest of the GDPR legislation. Healthcare data is recognised as special category data and is also stored under exemption H of Article 9 of GDPR legislation.

 Your rights

  • You have the right to know what information we intend to and do store and process about you and to see this information if you wish.   

  • We will only collect and store data that we have a legitimate and legal justification for using for purposes of your care. If you would like more information on the legal basis of the storage of healthcare data it can be found here:

  • You have the right to require us to amend any inaccuracies in data that we hold about you.

  • You have the right to know if this data storage has been compromised and what actions we take  as a result.

  • You have the right to register a complaint regarding the use of your data with the regulatory authority, the ICO at any point.  Your Midwives is a registered Data Processor with the ICO.

  • You are under no contractual or statutory obligation to provide us with any personal data, but please note in order for us to care for you safely and appropriately we require honesty and openness. If you are being asked to provide data you do not feel comfortable providing please contact us to discuss further.

To request any further information please contact us via email: