Post-birth preparation conversation

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Post-birth planning is something close to our hearts. As the idea of a birth plan is becoming a mainstream concept, we hope too that families will start to realise how important planning is for the fourth trimester.

Why freefall through those first few crazy weeks and months frustrated that people don’t know how to help, that visitor numbers are out of control and that the whole family is shattered?

We can offer this as a separate service but a lot of our clients choose to combine this with our birth preparation and breastfeeding sessions.

We offer

  • An initial phone conversation to discuss your needs.

  • A two hour tailored session to guide you and your chosen supporters through your post-birth priorities and needs.

  • We use our knowledge and experience to produce a plan which will guide and inform in those early weeks and months.

  • We discuss strategies to help you take control, feel rested and supported and heal in an optimal environment. This can include physical recovery, what life with a newborn looks like, nurturing older siblings through family transition.

  • You will receive a physical copy of this plan and lots of useful resources and information to guide and inform you on your journey.

  • Email and phone support in the postnatal period for up to eight weeks after your baby is born.

This session will leave you with

  • A document containing individualised learning points and signposts to further information.

  • A written post-birth plan if this is your wish.

  • Confidence in the ability to communicate your wishes to your support network and strategies for coping with the transition to family life or an expanding family.