Welcome to the Your Midwives breastfeeding drop-in session.




Please find below our terms and conditions of practice


At this session we can give advice within our remit as midwives for the benefit of you and your baby as you continue on your feeding journey. We will provide non-judgemental, evidence-based advice and work in partnership with you to make a  plan after taking a thorough history. We may also make referrals to other practitioners if we have concerns about either your health or that of your baby.


As midwives, we are qualified to care for women in the immediate postpartum period. This is defined as up to eight weeks after the birth of your baby according to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.  After this period has passed we can offer support, and reassurance and will do our best to refer you to relevant practitioners and support but we cannot offer direct care.


We ask you to fill in a simple form on arrival, this gives us an idea of the issues that you are currently facing and some background information. Please see the privacy policy on our website for details on how this information is used and stored.


By signing below you are giving consent for us to collect and process the data you provide. and contact you with a specific purpose, for further information on gathering and storage of personal data please refer to our privacy policy on our website.


We have a legal obligation for refer safeguarding concerns to a relevant practitioner. Our safeguarding lead is Rachel Yuen and our safeguarding policy is available on our website.



Indemnity insurance


We both have professional indemnity cover arranged through the Royal College of Nursing indemnity scheme for antenatal and postnatal care.


If you have a problem


We pride ourselves on both our service and our ability to form relationships of trust with our clients and their families. We rely on you to disclose fully any information that could impact on our care and your decision making. If there is any issue, however small, please communicate it to us directly so that we can work together towards a solution. We are a partnership, we ensure you have both partners contact information when we agree to work with a client so  if you would like to speak to the other partner at any time you will be able to.


What we ask of you


We are only able to give the excellent standard of care we pride ourselves in giving with your help. It is imperative that we are given a full and honest account of your history on the form  provided. If there is information you do not want to share please let us know and we will discuss the implications of not sharing it and suggest ways we can still help.



By signing this form you are opting in to us keeping and processing the  data you provide acknowledging you have read and agree to the terms of our privacy policy and the terms outlined above.