Changes at the Drop-in.

“I came to the breastfeeding drop in tearful and on the verge of quitting an exhausting routine of exclusive expressing, with a lot of fear around breastfeeding having had very painful and upsetting early attempts. Nina gave me expert advice on positioning and so much support and validation (along with biscuits). Within just a few days my daughter was breastfeeding comfortably and is completely off bottles. I couldn’t be more grateful!” Pippa, Witney

Our Witney Breastfeeding Support drop-in is now 18 months old! We are so pleased to be offering unrushed, skilled and compassionate support to all the lovely families who have come through our doors.

Here is some recent feedback we have received from our wonderful families: 

“This service is first rate. I have had excellent impartial and very practical help when previous advice about breastfeeding was confusing. I was struggling to get a good latch and as a result had very sore nipples and was thinking about giving up. Rachel suggested I tried the laid-back feeding position which helped no end, she also showed me how to hold my baby slightly differently to improve his latch. It has made a huge difference having someone there to see in person rather than calling a helpline. I am very grateful to your midwives. I could not recommend them highly enough for their practical gentle and kind approach. It is just what you need when your confidence in your ability to breastfeed is rock bottom. The location of the clinic is easily accessible and the assessment form made it easy to remember what was discussed when your brain is a bit foggy from lack of sleep. A brilliant service from lovely ladies. Do not hesitate to contact them if you need any help.” Emma, Witney

We are changing the way we offer our drop- in services! We will still be offering free support on a Tuesday morning (plus tea, biscuits and general loveliness) at the Witney Methodist Church between 10am and Noon. However, we are now offering booked slots to make it easier for families to know when they can be seen and improve our service.

These slots will still be free and open to anyone who wants to breastfeed or mixed feed up to 8 weeks after birth.

We will be taking bookings via facebook, email and text. There will be a drop-in slot left free at the end of each session to allow for walk-in clients. We will be trialling this arrangement from the 15th of October until Christmas and welcome feedback from our families and professionals alike.

Any questions please do just pop us a message and we look forward to seeing you there!

“Brilliant non-judgemental friendly advice” Witney Mama

Some recent clients with their fast-growing babes

Some recent clients with their fast-growing babes

A busy few months

What an incredible couple of months!

Whilst the county has baked under this endless summer we have been busy!  The hot weather hasn’t been any fun for newborns and we are glad to see the release of the rain this week - phew!


We celebrated the launch of our free breastfeeding support drop-in in Witney with style. Our launch party was great fun, many thanks to all the mums, babies, midwives and other lovely individuals who came and wished us well! There was cake (for vegans, gluten-free peeps and all denominations of cake lover), boob and baby chat and lots of laughter. 

A few snaps from the launch of our free breastfeeding support drop in based in Witney.

A few snaps from the launch of our free breastfeeding support drop in based in Witney.

Roll up roll up for carnival fun!

One particularly hot Saturday was spent dispensing lemonade and cake to the mums and babies of the Witney carnival. In collaboration with our friends at Birth Baby Balance, the wonderful Witney Community midwives and Doula Lara Fairylove who came and set up her Red Tent we provided shade and respite for many lovely families on that scorching day. We so enjoyed getting out and meeting you all, thanks to friends old and new for coming to say hi. Don’t you think that all community events should have a feeding tent? Who you gonna call…..?

Here we are holding on to our hats (the wind was like someone opening an oven door!) at the end of a brilliant day hosting the baby feeding tent at Witney carnival.

Here we are holding on to our hats (the wind was like someone opening an oven door!) at the end of a brilliant day hosting the baby feeding tent at Witney carnival.

What’s next?

We have now been up and running at the drop in for two months and have met some awesome families. We will be here to welcome familiar faces from our growing network of families and serve any Witney families with babies under 8 weeks that need us in the coming weeks.

We continue to offer our home breastfeeding support service for those wanting one on one breastfeeding advice and expertise.

We are also really excited to be offering one on one antenatal planning and education sessions to enable people to educate themselves and decide on their needs and priorities during labour, birth and after birth.

We are now on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch this space for more updates and please spread the word!