Birth Conversation

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Time and space to discuss your pregnancy and birth wishes at your own pace.

  • Initial phone conversation to discuss your needs.

  • A two hour face-to-face consultation either in your home or in our home-like retreat venue.

You can use this time to discuss anything that feels important but this could include:

  • Debriefing previous birthing experiences. This can include a review of your previous maternity notes. We can provide you with guidance about how to access these.

  • Discussing ways to optimise your health and wellbeing in pregnancy through small changes to lifestyle, exercise and nurturing yourself and your growing baby with excellent nutrition.

  • Talking through the birthing process; factors that promote and support the body’s awesome physiology; involving birth partners to feel confident and empowered to assist and advocate; working with pain in labour.

  • Consider factors that mean birth journeys may deviate from the straightforward pathway, strategies for remaining calm and top tips for empowering discussions with birth professionals.

  • Planning for the  “Fourth Trimester” and discussing strategies for enriching and preparing for those delicate first weeks with your new family, including how to help older siblings with family transitions.

What people say:

“I'd always been a bit put off by the idea of a birth plan, believing it to be a bit unrealistic and silly somehow, but having Nina guide us through our birth plan turned out to be extremely helpful and also empowering.” - Kate, Oxford

This session will leave you with:

  • A document containing individualised learning points and signposts to further information.

  • A written birth plan if this is your wish.

  • Confidence in the ability of your body and baby to work together for the healthiest possible birth.